by Leas Park School | 16 Dec, 2019


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  1. Sara Wilson | Aug 25, 2020

    I really live your this tree falling down pic because the scary part of this pic is men is not take a safety protection properly but anyways the picture is best and i think this must be take on a shutter stock website.

    I also run my blog if you have a education based images or videos then please let me know i can buy it from you for my blogs.

  2. George Vidler | Aug 24, 2020
    This is an image from the lease park school. Lease ark school is one of the mindblowing schools of the state. Also you can get essay writing service from us to complete your quality task. A person has climber up a tree and a desk is attached with a tree at some height. This is a beautiful scene to view.
  3. Charlie Cowen | Jul 01, 2020
    I agree with you that nothing is scarier than trees falling down like leaves in the autumn season. The are so powerful that the well rooted trees cannot even stand a chance in front of these. Life is all about experiencing different weather conditions for an artist.

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