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Who's Who

Members of Staff January 2024


Head Teacher: Mrs T Hall

Deputy Head Teacher:  Mrs C Bills


Year 3 Teachers: Mrs C Bills and Miss A Parkin

Year 3 Teaching Assistants: Mrs R Brudzinska and Mr A Jefferies 


Year 4 Teachers: Miss F Canniffe and Miss O Greaves

Year 4 Teaching Assistants: Mrs L Keeton and Mr A Weliczko


Year 5 Teachers: Miss J Cope and Miss C Harley

Year 5 Teaching Assistants: Mrs J Parker and Miss J Trafford


Year 6 Teachers: Mrs L Ainley and Mrs S Shooter

Year 6 Teaching Assistants: Mrs G Jackson and Miss N Lynes


The Hub: Mrs D Farr, Mr A Jefferies and Miss N Lynes


PPA cover: Miss S Lancashire

SENCO: Mrs P Naylor


School Business Manager: Miss F Ryan

Administrative Assistant: Mrs A Osborne

Administrative Assistant: Mrs H Clarke

General Support Worker: Miss S Armstrong


Premises Manager: Mr J Lang

Cleaners: Mrs A Morley, Mr R Pettitt and Mrs S Williams


Cook Supervisor: Mrs D Portman

Assistant Cook: Miss R Hardwick


Midday Supervisors: Miss J Jackson, Mrs L Sheppard, Mrs S Norton, Mrs K Shooter, Mrs C Holmes, Ms E Wagstaff, Mrs K Newbold, Mrs W Dent and Miss J Clarke.


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